Home Remedies for Kidney Infection

Kidney infection is one of the disgusting diseases of humans’ bodies that could harm immensely and able to kill a person if it is not handled carefully!

This disease is known as the Pyelonephritis in doctoral terms and basically, happens for the infection of bladder and urethra.

Kidney infection could cause several unbearable troubles along with some agonizing inflammatory in our lower body part. It is necessary to get rid of this disease as soon as we can, but it is not essential that we have to get treatment from any allopathic doctors or experts to get cured!

Today, we are going to enlighten you with some easy home remedies, which could help you out tremendously in this endeavor to fight against any kind of kidney infection and cure it entirely! Let’s take a look-

Reason and Signs of Kidney Infection:


  • Kidney infection could occur because of bacterial effects. Many time, bacteria enters your urinary tract via urethra and drives in the kidney infection.
  • The urethra is that tube which carries urine from our body and passes on to the bladder. Once bacteria enter in the bladder, it may start to multiply and incorporate the whole kidney eventually.
  • When any bacterium goes through your urinary, it will begin spreading from the anus to the urethra wholly.
  • Sometimes, people use soiled toilet paper after going a public toilet. When the unhygienic toilet paper contacts your genitals, the bacteria of that paper can enter your urethra directly.
  • This could happen during the sex time as well! If people, who already carry any kind of bacterium in the bladder or urethra, get in sexual interaction with a person, the infection could transfer to the new body or rather say, the new kidney as well!
  • Sometimes, a kidney infection can spread from skin fungi or bacterial infections through your bloodstream to your kidney. Generally, this could happen in a few very rare cases with those people, who have a very poor immune system.


  • women and children are mostly targeted by this ghastly disease because they have closer anus organ than men, which makes it easier to infect the urethra from any kind of outer bacteria!
  • Generally, when this disease infects one human body, that person will get a high fever frequently or have an extraordinary chill temperature in their boy.
  • Some people feel sick and less energetic during the crisis.
  • Some of the victims have nausea or vomiting tendencies during the infective period.
  • A few of the victims feel high back pain or flank ache once gets the kidney infection in their body.
  • Aged r older people react confused once they get infected by this disease and often behave like a puzzled person.
  • One of the most common symptoms of getting kidney infection is that passing urine with unusual signs like excluding blood with urine, passing cloudy or stinking urine, having pain when urinating, etc.
  • Once you get affected by this trouble, the frequency, and urgency of urine will be increased automatically.

You can get rid of these filthy problems once you take proper care of your kidney infection in an effortless homely way! Household remedies are as follows-

Home Remedies for Kidney Infection

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Twice a Day:

Apple cider vinegar is a great component to cure several diseases from our body and skin, and it works even better while use to get remedy from the kidney infection!

The pH level of this product is really high with 3.0 and once you have this element in your body, the bacterial growth and multiplication become unworkable naturally!


Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in with a glass of distilled water twice every day, and you will be infected free soon!

Malic Acid in Apple Cider Vineger may Prevent Bacterial Growth – livestrong

2. Drink Cranberry Juice:

How to use cranberry Juice for Kidney Infection

Cranberry juice is another effective product to control the kidney infection naturally. The cranberry juice or beverage with the mixture of water and sweeteners would escalate the acidic intensity in your urine that helps to fight against the bacterial inclemency in your urinary tract infection and extirpate the infection from the urethra.

Drink one glass of fresh cranberry juice will help you enormously in the endeavor to struggle against the kidney infection in a homely remedy process.

How Cranberry Juice is Beneficial for Kidney Infection – ncbi

Cranberry juice lower the risk for infection – vital record

3. Have a Epsom Salt Bath:

Bath salt

Epsom salt bath is one more mentionable way to get rid of the kidney infection in a scientific yet natural way. Epsom salt bath is one kind of detox bath that helps to remove the fungal or bacterial waste from our body.

This procedure also lends a hand to eliminate the toxin from our body cells which provide our kidneys a boost. The high consistency of sulfate works for curing the bacterial infection of the bladder or urethra.

There must be several ways to get sulfates in our body to fight the kidney infection but, if you want to make this course smoothly in an organic way then, take Epsom salt bath regularly until you reach the perfect cure level totally!

Restrictions and how to use Epsom salt – dailymed

4. Take Garlic Cloves:

Garlic has various benefits and uses in many forms, apart from the cooking, and utilizing for curing kidney infection is one of the best advantages of this item.

Garlic contains allicin that performs as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. It also acts as the anti-fungal agent and provides antioxidant to our body, which helps to treat a plenty of diseases at once!


Eat 3 to 4 uncooked cloves of ripe garlic every day and you will see the difference soon within a couple of weeks! People, who have problems with the bad smell of garlic, could take garlic capsules or supplements instead.

Garlic and parsley play effective role to control bacterial infections – ncbi

5. Sip Green Tea:

The urinary tract infection could also get cured by the beneficial effect of green tea. Green tea is that derived which is made from the non-fermented leaves of the camellia Sinensis plant.

Besides the numerous benefits of this healthy product, some studies over this element have proved that green tea could work as an antimicrobial and antibacterial substance because of its polyphenols richness.

Take one or two cups of green tea daily and you will see the healing consequences soon.

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6. Juices for Kidney Infection:

It has been prescribed by several heath experts that drinks act an imperative role in preventing the kidney infection and curing the bacterial inclemency of your urethra. Juices perform even more effectively to cure this trouble of our kidney in a natural way.

Any kind of berry-made juice, cucumber juice, vitamin B-rich juice, apple juice, cabbage juice, cauliflower juice watermelon juice, pumpkin juice, etc. are some mentionable juices which could help you out tremendously in this venture.

7. Diet for Kidney Infection:

All patients, who are suffering from a kidney infection, should always follow a strict diet chart to get remedy from the crisis soon, as a food habit affects the amplitude or extension of bacteria hugely.

People with urinal tract infection should avoid any kind of sugary or glucose contented food in their chart. Cakes, biscuits, chocolates, soft drinks, etc. are strictly prohibited during this disease.

Doctors usually prescribe yogurt, tofu, and etc. types of Probiotic foodstuffs in their diet chart to inhibit the escalation of harmful bacteria in your bladder or urethra.

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8. Parsley:

Parsley is one mentionable green vegetable that works superbly to cure the kidney infection naturally. The raw juice of this product contains several nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, volatile oils, etc.

which directly or indirectly work to control the bacterial inclemency in our body and cure it steadily. If you can take one glass of parsley juice every day, it will cleanse the kidney and detoxify the liver, which drives you towards an infection free bladder for the rest of your life.

Though, pregnant women or people with high blood pressure should avoid this element from their chart.

9. Oregano Oil:

Oregano oil is another great component to get remedy from any kind of kidney infection in the most effortless way.

Oregano oil contains 75 to 80% of carvacrol in its high content that inhibits the growth of bacterial influence inside the kidney. The richness of carvacrol of oregano oil not only provides a temporary solution to the UTI problem but, it also could cure the disease eventually!

Use this oil every day and you will get a medicine free cure from kidney infection soon within a couple of months.

10. Water:

Water is the initial and most significant curing method of kidney infection from the very beginning of the time. Water is that primary element which every health expert prescribes for the each UTI infected the patient.

During the sickness, infected people must drink 6 to 8-ounce of distilled water per every single hour to keep the urine process close to normal. Water amplification could help to heal the utmost troubles of kidney infection primarily.

Water detoxifies our body naturally and give us an innate immune power to fight against the sort of bacterial inclemency.

You can also apply some other products like ginger, turmeric, cucumber, etc. too, for having remedy from the hand of disgusting kidney infection in a homespun way.

Drinking more water flush the bacteria – digestive and kidney diseases


Food to Avoid for kidney infection:

As we have mentioned earlier that food habits could affect the UTI trouble more dynamically than anything else, thus, it is necessary to avoid some kind of harmful foodstuffs which could act destructively in the curing procedure of kidney infection.

Meat, items with high sugar content, artificial sweeteners, black tea, canned soup, broth powder, carbonated drinks, chocolate, coffee or any kind of caffeinated beverage, tomatoes, vinegar, table salt, pickles, chips, crackers, pretzels, cheese popcorn, citric fruits, black tea, high sodium snacks, and Chinese food.

Average Recovery Time for Kidney Infection:

The recovery of kidney infection means completing the course of antibiotic treatment. Generally, the course requires 7 to 14 days to accomplish the course and get back to the healthy kidney form again.

Usually, people who have healthy kidney previous the illness, could response to the treatment more quickly than the people with weak kidney health.

Painkillers are one more famous procedure to get remedy from the UTI disease and this curing process also claims one to two weeks to be accomplished entirely.

Patients could get the both types of treatments at their home if the health condition seems stable but, if the infected person resembles extremely week and have to admit into a hospital then, it may take a few more days or the whole one more week to get rid of this infection.

Kidney Infection during Pregnancy:

Several pregnant women are suffering this kidney infection these days, and thus it became one of the most serious medical difficulties of pregnancy, according to the latest survey.

Though, it is now swiftly treatable but, remember that we can’t treat the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in the typical way to a pregnant woman as we tackle it in a normal patient’s body.

Because, those antibiotics, which should take during the kidney infection, must not be appropriate for a pregnant woman ever. Cephalexin, ampicillin, nitrofurantoin, etc. are some medicine with low effects, which could be used by pregnant women, though; these medicines took a longer period to cure the kidney infection entirely!

How Kidney Infection is Diagnosed:

Generally, kidney infection diagnosed depending on the signs and symptoms of the infection as we have discussed in this article above.

After the suspecting the infection signs, the doctor will ask you to provide a urine sample for the test. If they find any kind of blood or pus in your urine, they will confirm the kidney infection disease and will start the treatment immediately.

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