Impressive Health Benefits of Green Tea

 Home remedies and health benefits of green tea

1. Maintains pH and Reduces Hair Loss

The use of green tea can be predated thousands of years ago in the Chinese mainland and has been used for its various medicinal properties.

Green tea is by far one of the most versatile teas present in the market and has a positive effect on almost all aspects of our health. If you suffer from the problem of hair loss, then it’s advisable for you to drink green tea regularly.

As it contains compounds like epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) that promote hair growth by nourishing hair cells (dermal papilla). The tea also promotes a healthy scalp by maintaining the pH environment and so promoting hair growth without having to suffer from dandruff and its related problems.

2. Breaks Down Excess Fat for Weight Loss

Green tea is an expert when it comes to reducing weight as it helps you lose weight by having various effects on the body.

The EGCG present in the green tea mobilizes the fat stored in the body to be broken down to fat cells by increasing the hormone levels that are responsible for processing fat, thus helping in reducing excess fat stored in the body.

The Metabolic rate of the body is also increased by having green tea and people can lose up to 5% extra calories daily. If you are doing regular exercises for weight loss, then you should surely have green tea as it helps with burning fat rapidly especially during high intensity workout.

3. Fights Against Free Radicals and Cures Acne

Green tea is abundant in potent anti-oxidants like Oligomeric proanthocyanidins and serves as a natural exfoliator so cleans the surface of the skin from any foreign or unwanted materials like dead cells.

The various types of anti-oxidants fight against the harmful free radicals produced on the surface of the skin due to the action of harmful UV rays from sunlight and various environmental factors and so cures from problems of acne and pimples.

4. Manages Blood Pressure and Reduces Cholesterol

If you suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure then you can have the decaffeinated version of green tea, as the normal version can pose a certain health risk for people with high blood pressure because of the presence of caffeine in them.

Green tea helps with high blood pressure such that it suppresses the converting enzyme named angiotensin 1 thus providing relief from heart associated disease.

It also lowers the levels of cholesterol in the body and both of the phenomenon work together in managing the high blood pressure.

5.  Cures Constipation and Makes You Feel Relaxed

If you suffer from constipation on a regular basis then, you should have a few cups of green tea every day. Researchers believe that green tea promotes the growth of certain good bacteria’s in the intestine of our body.

These bacteria possess a unique property of resisting various types of infections and irregularities associated with the bowel movements, hence curing the problem of constipation. The causes of constipation include certain factors like anxiety, stress, lack of fiber, lack of body fluids, and depression and sipping few cups of green tea every day can ease all the factors associated with constipation.

6. Helps for Easy Digestion

Healthy Digestion

The green tea has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties, thus helping with digestion related disorders. The overall health of person having green tea regularly improves dramatically, while the huge quantity of anti-oxidants and amino acids present in them improves not only the digestive system of the body but also improves various other organs and its related systems present in the body. The large amount of fluids supplied by green tea helps the digestive system. It is to be noted that green tea should be taken responsibly, as the tannins present in them can cause stomach related disorders like ulcers and acid reflux if taken in excess.

7. Protects You from Cell Damage

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with polyphenols and anti-oxidants and they tend to have a detoxifying effect on the body. The anti-oxidant named EGCG and certain polyphenol helps the body in fighting harmful free radicals produced in the body, thus protecting from the cell damage occurring from them.

Due to its detoxifying properties green tea is used to cure diseases associated with livers, bacterial infections and a variety of cancers. You can either drink a freshly brewed cup of green tea or have it in a capsule form which is filled with green tea extracts.

8. More Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has a myriad of health benefits which range from managing acne’s to treating cancers. The various benefits of green tea includes:

  1. Reducing the levels of cholesterol thus saves you from heart related diseases.
  2. Cures bad breath as it eliminates the bacteria causing it.
  3. Makes you free from allergies like protecting body from the action of allergens that include dust and pollen.
  4. Helps you maintain strong and dense hair.
  5. Diabetes can be managed easily by sipping it every day as it reduces the rate at which glucose gets absorbed in the blood.
  6. It cures genital warts,help prevents arthritis, prevents from the rage of cancer.
  7. Boosts the immune system of the body.
  8. Relaxes the lung for people who suffer from asthma.
  9. Keeps the liver strong and healthy and acts as a natural sunscreen.

How to Make Green Tea

1. Keep all the green tea leaves in a teapot.
2. Prepare water by boiling it to the appropriate temperature and make sure not to boil it.
3. Pour the water into the cups to bring the temperature to the appropriate range and then pour it into the teapot.
4. Wait for some time so that the various components present in the tea infuse
5. To ensure the tea’s strength is even, pour a little tea at a time into each cup. Pour the tea until the last drop is poured.

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