Iron Rich Foods fruits vegetables drinks snacks

Home Remedies for Iron Deficiency: Iron Rich Foods Fruits & Veggies

Iron Rich Foods fruits vegetables drinks snacks
Iron-Rich Foods fruits vegetables, drinks, and  snacks

Iron deficiency symptoms

It is said that people suffer from iron deficiency without even knowing it, there are easy ways you can identify the symptoms that display Iron deficiency.

  • feeling fatigued all the time
  • weakness in the body
  • having short breath
  • nails becoming brittle in nature
  • the skin color gives a pale appearance
  • getting cold hands and feet
  • swelling of tongue
  • tendency to eat non-food items like chalk and dirt etc.

1. Iron Rich Vegetables

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There are countless vegetables from which you can get plenty of Iron, they include Mushrooms, Spinach and other green leafy vegetables like Swiss Chard, Spinach, Dandelion Greens, Scotch Kale, Beet Greens, Pak Choi, Kale, Olives, Bean, Butter Beans, Black-eyed Peas, Mange Tout, Yellow Snap Beans, Green Peas, Soybean, Asparagus, Leeks, Scallions, Cos or Romaine Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Butterhead Lettuce & Garden Cress. Even garlic contains 1.6mg for every 100gm.

2. Fruits Rich in Iron

There are various fruits from which you can get plenty of Iron; they include Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Loganberries & Wild Blueberries, Elderberries, Peaches, Strawberries, Apples, Prunes, Currants, Raisins, Pears and Figs etc.Vitamin C is essential for absorbing Iron you can check more health benefits of vitamin C .

3. Rich in Iron Foods for Babies

Babies need Iron in large amount for their proper growth and development. The foods include Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Beef, Chicken, dark meat, Egg Yolk, Breast Milk, Tofu, Lentils, prune juice, dried beans, winter squash, mushrooms, kale, collards, black strap molasses, brewer’s yeast, breads, wheat germ, cornmeal, bran, brown rice, farina, millet etc.

4. Iron for pregnancy

Iron is very much needed before pregnancy and during pregnancy too, as we know iron makes hemoglobin that provides oxygen to all parts of the body, during pregnancy the Iron provides hemoglobin for the baby too and so you must have plenty of Iron in your body for proper growth and development of the baby. During pregnancy, the expecting mother needs approximately twice the Iron that they need in a normal course and if the Iron levels fall then the baby might suffer the consequences.

Also, look for the best foods for morning sickness

5. Iron for Toddlers

Iron is needed for the all-round development of the Toddlers as if the Iron levels are less, then some organs of toddlers might get less oxygen leading to retarded growth. Toddlers need around 11 milligrams of iron daily, toddlers stop having an iron-fortified drink after 12 months and so suffer the risk of having iron deficiency if they are not getting enough Iron from other sources. Cow’s milk is given to toddlers, which can cause Iron deficiency as the cow milk has less iron and milk interferes with the absorption of Iron in the body and so optimum amount of milk should be given to the toddlers.

6. Rich in Iron Foods List

The various food rich in Iron include:
Brussels Sprouts
Egg yolks
Dried Fruit
Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
Beef liver
Chicken liver
Iron-fortified instant oatmeal
Iron-fortified ready-to-eat cereal
Kidney beans
Lima beans

7. Rich in Iron Drinks

The various drinks rich in Iron include Vegetable juices made from Tomato and fruit juices, Prune juice is the one that provides a substantial amount of Iron, fortified Orange juice can also be taken but it doesn’t have as much Iron as Prune juice has. Coming to tea, Hibiscus Tea provides a substantial amount of Iron.

Prune Juice are rich in iron and cures constipationhealthline

8. Rich in Iron Snacks

The various snacks rich in Iron includes roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted sunflower seeds, dried apricots, roasted cashews, dry-roasted, unsalted nuts along grapefruit or strawberries, broccoli along with a dip made from tahini, which is a paste made using sesame seeds.

9. Why Should You Eat Iron-Rich Foods

Eating Iron rich food will provide your body with adequate amounts of Iron, which is one of the basic minerals needed by our body. Iron is responsible for the production of a protein named Hemoglobin that carries oxygen throughout the body. If the body has less iron the whole body is deprived of oxygen which leads to anemic conditions in the body.

10. Why Too Much Iron Is Bad For You

Eating too much Iron can have side effects which have been observed scientifically that Iron can lead to diabetes and atherosclerosis. Iron has also been linked to increase the aging process and in rare cases causes diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Take Home Message: Iron Deficiency & Iron Rich Foods

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