Best Foods & Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

When the veins under the skin of legs become widened bulging or twisted and transparent from the outside of your skin, they are called varicose veins. Veins mainly contain one-way valves, which help to flow blood towards our heart.

While this process doesn’t work properly and valves allow the flow to back down the veins, this varicose veins problem occurs in our body. It is totally normal and found in several people’s veins.

However, varicose veins don’t give you too much trouble in your health yet, you may feel an overload of pressure when standing. Thus, it is better to treat this illness seriously for your own good!

One of the most drawback parts of varicose veins is that they can’t be cured completely, once you get incorporated by this disease. But a few good habits could help you to prevent this disease from attacking your vein, and some home remedies could bring you temporary relief or lessen the pain of varicose veins as well! So, let’s follow some helpful methods on this endeavor below-

Best Foods for Varicose Vein:

Having overweight is the main reason behind varicose veins, thus your food habit is inseparably related to this vein disorder. Your weight not only affects the problem of varicose veins, but it also increases the possibility of having this disorder in a human more vigorously! Several studies also claim that varicose veins could be healed with an appropriate amount of nutrients. Thus, it is essential to follow a precise diet chart and include some good nutrients in your eating list to get help in the combat of varicose veins. So, let’s check it out below-

1. Have Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods are boons for treating varicose veins naturally, as the richness of insoluble dietary fiber resolves the constipation issue smoothly and decreases the possibilities of veins disorder in your near future. Oats, flaxseeds, beans, peas, apples, carrots, psyllium, etc. are the natural source of dietary fiber, which could include in your daily diet.

Fiber intake and constipation associated with risk of varicose veins – Edinburgh vein study

2. Take Your Natural Vitamin C Dose

Vitamin C-rich foods are one more brilliant idea to add to your daily routine to stay away from the attack of varicose veins. Vitamin C helps to manufacture the collagen and elastin tissues in our body that keep the veins strong and toned, which is a key component in varicose veins problem. This nutrient works more positively when merging with vitamin E components. So, try to include those items which have both the nutrients in high amount, like, avocado, rosemary.

Vitamins that are effective against varicose veins – Vogel

Learn more about the health benefits of vitamin c.

3. Flavonoids strengthen your blood vessel walls

High flavonoid foods are another good choice to include in your eating list if you are trying to fight the symptoms of varicose veins. Studies said that the high intake of a bioflavonoid in our daily food could decrease the appearance of varicose veins, as they strengthen the walls of blood vessels naturally and this way, prevent the radical stress in veins as well prevent from lowering the blood flood in our veins. Asparagus, buckwheat, blueberries, etc. are some natural sources of flavonoids. Kiwi, sweet potato, broccoli, etc. are some of those kinds.

Flavonoids are good for healthier veins – life-enhancement

Flavonoids effective in pelvic varicose veins – MPFF

4. Gain Natural Nutrients from Everyday Veggies & Fruits

Vegetables always play an important role to build up our health or in the prevention of several health disorders, and it is not exceptional as well here! The leafy green vegetables are the natural sources of various good nutrients and thus, they could help you tremendously to combat the symptoms of varicose veins gradually. Spinach, broccoli, cabbages, cauliflower, kale, cilantro, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, etc. are some instances of such beneficial vegetables.

Fruits are the natural resource of vitamin C, thus definitely they lend a hand to solve the varicose veins issue from our veins. Tangerine, grapefruit, strawberry, guava, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, raspberry, or any citrus category fruits are good for this attempt.

5. Take your fluids

Drink more water as well, along with these foods to fight and resolve the issues of varicose veins more swiftly.

6. Essential Oils:

If you are seeking the best home remedy for varicose veins then, applying essential oils is probably the best one for you! Varicose veins may occur for various reasons like obesity, pregnancy, standing for long, inactivity, overweight, hormone imbalance, etc. and different types of home remedies are effective on different types of reason, but, essential oils are that one particular component which works commendably for the utmost reasons! Though most of the essential oils help to resolve the veins disorder naturally and control its symptoms yet, cypress essential oil is probably the best one among them. Let’s check out how to use it-

How to use

  • Pour in 5-6 drops of raw cypress essential oil on the portion of your leg, where varicose veins have occurred.
  • Now, rub the area gently for a few minutes by giving the pressure upside of your legs.
  • Try this process twice a day and you will get a remarkable result on your standing problem soon. As this oil has the ability to increase the circulation system in your blood vessels, thus it can solve the varicose veins issues more proficiently.

The efficiency of essential oil for varicose vein home remedy – Healthline

7. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar could increase the blood circulation system and decrease the heaviness or swelling symptoms of varicose veins, thus, it is considered as one of the brilliant components to treat these veins’ trouble naturally. Let’s check out how to use it-


  • For external use, apply a few drops of undiluted apple cider vinegar on the skin over the varicose veins of your leg and massage gently for a few minutes.
  • For internal use, add 2 tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of filtered water and drink it up after stirring them well.
  • Apply any of these methods regularly, and you will get a positive result soon.

8. Yoga Poses and Stretches:

Yoga and stretches are a very effective process to treat spider veins positively, as these asanas and stretches can lighten the soreness or other difficulties of varicose veins naturally, without any chemicals or other medications! Let’s check out top recommendations from these categories-

  • Viparita Karani is the most effective asana for spider vein, which relaxes your leg muscles, control the fatigue quality from your legs, flushes out toxins, and enhance the blood circulation process proficiently. In this process, you need to sit on your hips across a wall, gently raise your legs and lie down the torso by keeping your arms stretch out to the sides. Hold this posture for a few minutes by closing your eyes and breathe normally.
  • Leg lift is the best stretch exercise for varicose veins, which provides a boost to our vessel and keeps the blood circulation process flawless from every aspect, thus, there won’t be any possibilities of spider veins in your legs in near future! To do this process, you need to sit on your hips first onto the floor. Now, lie on your back slowly and keep your feet straight out. After that, slowly lift one leg from the floor; keep it in the air to let the blood run down and back up to the vessels of your legs. Switch the legs and keep repeating this process for half an hour regularly.

Hands( legs on) on yoga with varicose vein – yoga journal

9. Acupressure Point:

Acupressure points are highly effective in the treatment process of varicose veins, as this ancient Chinese process cures the veins disorder most smoothly and reduces the swelling feeling of stiff veins professionally.

All you just need to do is that hold the exact pressure point stiffly, press it down, and massage in a circular motion for a few seconds. Let’s check out top acupressure points, which are functional to get rid of spider veins easily-

  • Acupressure point S14, which is found on the ulnar side of the palm, between the base of the fifth metacarpal bone and triquetral bone.
  • UB57 is found directly below our belly of muscle gastronomies.
  • SP6 is found inside the surface of your legs, four finger-widths above the inner anklebone.

10. Coconut Oil Reduces Swelling 

Coconut oil is another natural ingredient to get rid of the symptoms of spider veins smoothly. The richness of anti-inflammatory properties has made this component so much efficient to solve swelling issues and to reduce the dark varicose veins normally.


  • Firstly, clear the portion of your leg, where that spider veins occur, and pat it dries completely.
  • Now, warm up some coconut oil in between your palm and gently massage on that area for at least 10-1 minutes.
  • To get the goodness of this product internally, try to add at least 3-4 tbsp of coconut oil to your daily diet in raw or cooking form.

11. Castor Oil Prevents Blood Clot:

Castor oil is a superb object to keep our blood circulation process normal and to prevent any clotting in our vessels. This oil also aids to diminish the distension of the spider vein and ease the pain naturally. Let’s check out how to use this oil for handling varicose veins professionally-


  • Warm up 2 tbsp of castor oil in a ladle or small pan and apply it to your varicose veins area.
  • Massage the area for almost 20 minutes with your palm and then cover that area with a warm woolen cloth.
  • After a few whiles opening it up, and try to repeat this process twice a day if you have varicose veins swelling hugely on your legs!

12. Fish Oil:

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as we all know and thus, this component helps spectacularly to improve blood vessel elasticity.

It also contains blood-thinning properties which pick up the circulation and reduce the soreness from your veins naturally.

So, try to escalate the intake of fish oil in your daily food, no matter whether you are taking it from natural sources or a supplement. As in, you can increase the intake of fish oil in your cooking preparation or you can take some fish oil supplements regularly as well, whichever is preferable for you!

Learn more on the health benefits of fish oil.

13. Garlic and Ginger: Excellent in Blood Thinning and Anti-Inflammatory 

Garlic is a stupendous herb, while ginger is an excellent root spice, and both are skilled in resolving the spider veins issue proficiently than any other natural remedy.

Garlic is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which break up the harmful toxins and improve the circulating in your blood vessels.

On the other hand, ginger is enriched with blood-thinning properties, which help to lower the blood pressure and easier the blood flow. Thus, they both could make tremendous remedies to diminish the swelling and lumpy feelings of varicose veins from your legs. Let’s see how to use them-

How to

  • Take 5-6 garlic cloves and place them in a jar.
  • After that, add some raw orange juice along with 2 tbsp of olive oil into that jar and let them sit together for at least 12 hours.
  • Then, shake the mixture once and apply a few drops from it on the spider veins area.
  • Massage the area in a circular motion for 15 minutes and then wrap that portion with a cotton cloth.
  • Keep your leg overnight this way, and repeat this process daily for a few months.
  • To use ginger as a remedy for varicose veins, try to get it internally by taking ginger tea twice a day.
  • You can also increase the intake of ginger in your daily diet to get the benefits from this root spice to heal the spider veins naturally.

14. Role of Vitamins:

Vitamins play a lead role to banish in banishing varicose veins from your body, thus doctors always insist on increasing the intake of beneficial vitamins in your regular diet to combat the symptoms of spider veins.

Vitamin C is the most effective one among all the essential vitamins for varicose veins. Vitamin B, E, and K are other top advantageous nutrients that also play the lead role in the prevention of varicose veins.

FAQ on Varicose Vein

Is Walking or Ruing Good for Varicose Vein?

Walking or running is always good to solve several health issues and it is not exceptional for varicose veins as well. These types of cardio exercises always bring benefits to our health as they help for better circulation and calf-muscle pumping to our heart. Which definitely eliminates the possibility of spider veins from our body.

But walking or running is not a very good idea if you are already suffering from the pain of varicose veins symptoms, as it may worsen the stiffness and block the circulation process on the defective area, which causes an unbearable swelling to that spot!

Is Massage Good for Varicose Vein?

Massage is a fantastic way to increase the blood circulation in our vessels, thus it works proficiently to resolve the issue of varicose veins naturally. That’s why you can find that several home remedies are precisely prescribed to apply with the massage process to deal with this crisis more swiftly.

Try to apply this massage process with some warm substance regularly, and you will get a much better outcome on the relief of spider veins issues.

How far is Stocking Help in Varicose Vein?

Compression stocking help to get relief from the pain and symptoms of varicose veins for a certain period, thus it is regarded as one of the effective methods for the treatment of spider veins. But, people often ask that this process could give us relief for how long!

According to the narrations of health experts, stocking, especially the expensive pieces could keep your spider veins from away from getting worse.

And lead you towards a surgery-free treatment for a much extended period, or rather say as long as you can wear this on your legs.

However, always buy such things from medical supply stores and do it only you are prescribed by a doctor to do so!

Varicose Veins Take Home Message

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