How Fish Oil Could Improve My Health

Fish oil is one of the healthiest items that is consumed dietary supplement and benefits us in different ways. The affluence of omega-3 fatty acid has made this element so essential for our health. People, who couldn’t eat oily fish directly or digest such items properly, could take fish oil supplement instead and enjoy the goodness of this immensely advantageous product to combat a number of diseases at once! Let’s check the how it benefits us in various meadows-

1. Fish Oil for Depression:

There is no strong evidence that whether fish oil could directly aid in mind issues like depression or not, yet, the primary report claims that fish oil could play a significant role to cure or temperate depression! As because, fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, thus it could help us in the management of brain function, and solve the brain issues by treating the problems gently. In depression, people have low blood level in their brain chemicals, and fatty acid components, like EPA and DHA of fish oil, could cater a relief in our brain tissues.

You can include salmon, white tuna, herring, sardines, and etc. fish to increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acid in your daily diet, but remember that these items could increase the amount of mercury as well in your body! Thus, fish oil supplement is always better option to take care your depression problem.

However, remember that fish oil is not a proper treatment of depression, but it could lend a hand to reduce the crisis with other depression medications!

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2. Fish Oil for Insomnia:

Besides treating several cardiovascular disorders, it has been seen that fish oil also work effectively to standardize our sleep patterns, solve sleeplessness and to escalate the quality of sleep. The richness of fatty acids aid to produce various hormones and neurotransmitters help us to treat such sleeping disorders. Insomnia is a minor health issue in which people gain the inability to sleep, but it could bring numerous pessimistic health implications to our body if it isn’t handled appropriately!

Research has proven that, when we consume a rich amount of omega-3 acid in our body, it reduces the melatonin rhythm and weakens the circadian clock functioning, which directly solves the nocturnal sleep disturbances and works for a better sleeping order. According to the recent analysis, fish oil not only helps to regulate sleep, but it also aids in sleep-wake cycle and solves daytime drowsiness completely.

If you are going to take fish oil supplement to treat the insomnia problem, then try to take 1-2 capsules per day for a flawless sleeping habit.

3. Fish Oil for Ulcers:

You will be wondered to know that fish oil is effective to solve our stomach issues as well! As per a new-age study, fish oil help to promote ulcer curing because of the richness of the anti-inflammatory properties of this product. This single component secretes the mucous cells, which aid to protect the stomach along with intestine, and strengthen those cells naturally.

The omega-3 fatty acid also provides a shield against stomach ulcer on various fronts. The best part of using fish oil supplement to combat the ulcer disease is that it not only soothes the burning sensation on your stomach but gradually cures it or wipes out the sensations, after a few applications.

Conversely, it is not a proper treatment to eradicate the H pylori or ulcer completely from your tummy; you can only use this supplement as a companion of your other ulcer medications, that’s it!

4. Fish Oil for Heart:

Fish oil works professionally for any cardiovascular disorder and it solves several heart issues magnificently. Omega-3 fatty acid is a key component to deal with several heart problems and as we can take this element only through our diet thus, items, which are filled with this property, bring numbers of benefits to our body! The affluence of this acid in fish oil helps to lessen the blood pressure in our vessels, and lower the triglyceride levels normally. It also lends a hand to rheumatoid arthritis along with osteoarthritis and reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other heart problems.

The amazing effectiveness of fish oil on heart issues has proven by several studies. Experts suggest that standard intake of omega-3 fatty acid could reduce the possibility of heart disease, but the doses must be decided depending on your present heart condition! As in, take 2 to 4 grams of fish oil daily if you are in a stable condition according to the heart form, but increase the intake level a bit, if you are already suffering from the minor heart issues.

Salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, flaxseed, canola oil, soybean oil, cod liver, tofu, walnut, etc. are some natural source of omega-3 fatty acid, but we will recommend you to take fish oil supplement in such matter to get the better outcome of fish oil in the improvement of heart condition.

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5. Fish Oil for Skin:

Fish oil capsules are big in size and come with a weird smell too, which make them a bit difficult to swallow! But once you know the amazing efficiency of this single item for several skin nourishments, you will surely think that this product worth this tiny trouble. The omega-3 fatty acid of fish oil supplement makes your skin looking glowing and reduces the redness of your face naturally.

People, who have a skin condition of rosacea or eczema, could solve their issues with this health supplement. Several types of research have proven that fish oils not only benefit our look by improving the overall health of our skin but at the same time, inflame the capillaries on our face by soothing the red blotchy patches from your skin.

Take twice a day these fish oil capsules and radiant like a diva with fair and glowing skin tone.

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6. Fish Oil for Hair Loss:

Do you know that the affluence of omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil supplements can benefit us to achieve desiring hair type as well! This acid is basically a healthy fat which aids to solve many impurities related to hair like, scalp dryness, dandruff, itchy scalp, etc. According to the famous dermatologists, humans start to lose the natural oil from our scalp which lubricates scalp, skin, and hair. As an inevitable outcome, the scalp irritation starts occurring and damages our hair day by day.

These fish oil capsules will lend a hand as the alternative to this natural oil and reduce or gradually wipe out the dryness, which may cause brittle hair or scalp wrinkles if it isn’t handled wisely!

Though you can increase the intake of natural sources of omega-3 fatty acid like oily fish, nuts, seeds, seed oils, or green vegetables, but taking fish oil supplement would be more effective with a rapid effect on your numbers of hair problems!

You also try avocado and ginger for healthy hair growth.

7. Fish Oil for Eyes:

Fish oil also leaves the commendable result to treat a plenty of eye problems as well! It has been seen that many people, who take fish oil supplements have better eyesight than those, who don’t. The richness of DHA and EPA in omega-3 fatty acid benefits the eye tissues in various ways, especially on the dry eye syndrome.

This dryness is a curse for eyes because the wet texture of our eyes keeps them clear, lubricated and coats the cornea with adequate humidity. But, when eyes suffer from dryness, the tears or wetness turn desiccated and they start having an ocular infection or eye irritation immediately! A few market-based drops could help your temporarily in this endeavor but for a permanent solution, you have to escalate the intake of fish oil in your daily diet.

Try to take fish oil supplement thrice a, if you are already suffering from the dry eye condition, otherwise once or twice a day is enough for a proper eye condition along with a sharp eye-sight. However, mentionable here that, fish oil has no other side-effects, thus don’t aware of a high dose of this beneficial product.

8. Fish Oil for Nerve Pain:

Fish oil caters a natural treatment to the soreness of muscles and nerve pain, thus use as a key element to healing different type of body ache. The richness of fatty acid provides relief to the inflammation and speed up the healing process without any other medication. When we get hurt or accidently injure any part of or body, fish oil heal that injury steadily and reduce the pain of your nerves with each intake!

The EPA and DHA components of fatty acid give a boost to the fabrication of pro-resolution molecules, which works professionally to deal with the inflammation of our body. Mentionable here that the amount of fish oil or rather say, omega-3 fatty acid is so high in such endeavor that natural supplement could not fulfill the entire requirement! Thus, fish oil supplements are the best choice to solve such nerve related issues.

But, taking too much of fish oil supplement could bring some gastrointestinal symptoms in our stomach, which is not a very good thing to have, particularly during the irritation of nerve pain! Thus, try to take low doses of this supplement, when you are taking it to deal the nerve problems.

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9. Fish Oil for PCOS:

PCOS is the abbreviation of polycystic ovarian syndrome, which mostly finds in women’s body. It has been observed that fish oil plays wonderful roles to solve several cardiovascular problems and reduce the possibilities of a heart attack; consequently, it works to relieve some stipulations related to the PCOS. As because, PCOS escalates the risk of cardio disease in women’s heart, thus fish oil work to control the PCOS troubles as well as other heart issues.

The affluence of omega-3 polyunsaturated fat in fish oil or cold water fishes are rich in EPA and DHA acids, which are essential parts of membranes right through the body. These acids also aid to build block for hormones, which normalize blood clotting and control inflammation in our vessels. It has been seen that, when women take omega-6 fatty acid through their daily food, they went close to the trouble of PCOS, and only omega-3 fatty acid could help them here naturally, to control the disease, and wipe it out from the root!

Doctors recently prescribe to increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acid though the daily diet, instead of omega-6 fatty acid to control the PCOS troubles. You can eat mackerel, tuna, salmon, sturgeon, mullets, bluefish, anchovy, etc. are some of those coldwater fishes which are immensely rich in omega-3 fatty acid; though taking fish oil supplements is easier, safer, and more effective in such cases, especially for pregnant women, newly moms or ladies with gastrointestinal symptoms!

10. Fish Oil for Thyroid:

The thyroid is a disgusting illness which utterly compels us to live over medicines throughout the whole life, once it incorporates you! People with thyroid symptoms always seem curious to know that is there anything they can take to reduce the thyroid level, besides daily medicines, and we are glad to inform you that fish oil is that exact thing which could aid them tremendously in this matter!

When you increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acid in your daily food through fish oil, it escalates the thyroid hormone uptakes and controls the hypothyroidism innately. It also works for the reduction of that inflammation, which may occur for hyperthyroidism.

Mentionable in this regards that fish supplement is only effective in such cases to improve or maintain thyroid function rather than planted source of omega-3 fatty acid. Take at least 2-4 grams of fish oil daily, while you are fighting with the thyroid symptoms. If you are taking fish oil in the form of coldwater based fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, albacore, etc. then, try to include them at least twice a week with your regular food.

11. Fish Oil for Constipation:

Fish oil also plays a lead role to control the problems of constipation. Constipation normally occurs because of the improper bowel movement, and come up with several stool problems. Thankfully, such problems couldn’t lead any serious trouble to our health in normal, and there are several home remedies are available in our hands, which could aid us skillfully in this endeavor. Fish oil is definitely the brightest one among them.

Here also the EPA and DHA acids of omega-3 fatty acid play key role in smoothing the stool and solving constipation from our intestine. It is up to you that you want to take the fatty acid in supplement form or from natural sources, but check for the consequences in both cases! As, people who suffer from gastric, or bloating or diarrhea problem, should avoid the fish oil capsules, and people, who suffer from the high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes, must avoid the natural supplement of omega-3 fatty acid like oily fishes!

Mentionable here that always consult your doctor before increase the intake of fish oil in your daily food or capsules, as a high dose of omega-3 fatty acid could escalate the bleeding risk and make the constipation trouble worst than ever!

Other than fish live oil as a laxative you could also check for more natural remedies for constipation.

12. Fish Oil for Cramps:

Cramp is an unbearable inflammation or painful construction of stomach or muscles, which could be controlled by a few medications and home-based remedies. As omega-3 fatty acid could solve this issue professionally thus, naturally fish oil could take part in a major role to solve this crisis! We should always remember that our body couldn’t create this fatty acid naturally, thus we have to take it from outside through the foods, and nothing will help us more than fish oil supplement in this attempt.

The EPA and DHA components of fish oil not only reduce the stomach inflammations but they work for the improvement of cognitive skills as well! Include the fish in your daily diet which is rich in fatty acid like bluefish, mullet, trout, herring, tuna, mackerel, etc. or you can take the fish oil supplement directly through capsules.

But, always recommend discussing your health expert to verify the doses of fish oil, particularly when you are taking it for cramps, as a little bit of high dose could increase the whole cramps drastically, instead of lowering it!

Give glance on home remedies for muscle cramps if you are looking for alternative remedies for cramp and in case of stomach cramps too.

13. Fish Oil for Dry Skin:

We have already mentioned that fish oil leaves a remarkable effect to solve various skin troubles and beautify our skin stupendously. This time let us show you how it works to resolve the dry skin issues beautifully. Dry skin is a common problem of several people, especially nowadays when pollution is the most renowned enemy of our skin cells! A perfect amount of fish oil could prevent the extra dryness as well as excess oil from our skin and soothe it skillfully like any beauty treatment.

The inside fatty acid of such fish oil supplement effort optimally to circulate blood along with required nutrients to each and every cell of our skin, which benefit the skin magically. This omega-3 fatty acid also builds a structural barrier to our skin with the help of omega-6 fatty acid, which aids the skin to retain needed-moisture and protect from being excessively dry. This component helps to rebuild the skin cells and solve other impurities of skin as well!

Taking fish oil supplement is more effective here than eating omega-3 rich fishes because fish oil supplement could provide you vitamin A, vitamin B1, B3, vitamin C vitamin D, iron, etc. beneficial nutrients to our skin cells along with EPA and DHA acids, which no coldwater fish could do so effortlessly!

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14. Fish Oil for Dandruff:

Dandruff is a typical problem of this century for both men and women and it harms the entire health of our hair along with the scalp or hair-growth. This problem occurs when we start having dry, scaly or itchy skin on our scalp, and when this problem occurs, disgusting white flakes appear in our hair from those dead scalps and give us a nasty or weird look.

Dandruff problem basically occurs because of the deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and other required nutrients in our daily food and fish oil could help us spectacularly to gain healthy scalp naturally. The omega-3 fatty acid of this component not only reduces and heals the dryness of our scalp gradually, but it also lends a hand to cure the problem of its every possible root. The best thing to treat dandruff by omega-3 fatty acid is that you can take natural sources as well as fish oil supplements and could get the same outcome for restoring your scalp health.

Soybeans, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, walnut, pumpkin seeds’ oil, are some recommendable items here to treat the dandruff issue with a fatty acid, besides fatty fishes and fish oil supplements. However, fish oil supplements are more effective here as because, they not only reduce the dryness of your scalp but also soothe the itchiness or skin irritation in your scalp because of the anti-inflammatory properties of such capsules!

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15. Fish Oil for Fatty Liver:

Fatty liver is another health issue to worry about in which, the normal size of our liver increases itself and gives us huge trouble in digestive tract along with some other bad side effects. Though studies on fish oil couldn’t claim it strongly that omega-3 fatty acid could benefit the liver issues or not, but there are possibilities in the inside components of fish oil, which could play a significant role in normalizing of liver size!

When the lipid peroxidation is found in the tissues of cells of our liver, there occur a link between unsaturated fat in general and the harshness of liver disfigurement. As because fish oil contains a huge percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids thus, it could help us to resolve the fatty liver condition naturally!

Conversely, people who are suffering from fatty liver problem should consult their doctors or wait for the recommendations of their health experts, before finalizing the doses of fish oil as a daily intake. We should mention here that fish oil not only helps to normalize the fatty liver but, it also work potentially to reduce the other oversized-liver symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

16. Fish Oil for GERD:

GERD or acid reflux is a common problem of every single person, at it is difficult to find someone who never faces this inflammation in their stomach at least one tie in their life. But, the most disgusting part is that when you face this trouble continuously for several days, as sometimes the untreated GERD could cause the unbearable heartburn or some more troubles! As fish oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties as well as omega-3 fatty acid thus, it provides an unimaginable healing feeling to the digestive tract and progressively solve all the GERD issues one by one!

However, some of the health experts claim that sometimes fish oil could reason behind the acid reflux in your stomach, thus how it could solve the problem when it is the reason behind it! Nevertheless, here we should clarify one thing that may be some people couldn’t bear or digest the fish oil supplement easily and they come up with the acid reflux symptoms but, it neither could as much intense as the normal GERD signs nor bring you heartburn sensation ever as well!

If you are suffering some tiny signs of acid reflux after taking fish oil supplements then, we will recommend you to take you fish oil supplement with meals or frozen the capsules before taking or take natural sources of omega-3 fatty acid instead of readymade supplements!

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17. Fish Oil for Joint Pain or Arthritis:

Fish oil shows its potentiality to treat arthritis or joint pain trouble skillfully, apart from the cardio disorders. The major two types of omega-3 fatty acid (EPA & DHA) we found in fish oil give us not only temporary relief to the joint and bone pains but, also resolve the cause of the swelling and ache of joints.

According to some recent studies, those two acids reduce the inflammations between joints, suppress the immune system of our body, heal the aches in between bones, and this way this single component became a latent weapon against arthritis.

Cod liver oil is the best item to use here for treating the joint pain professionally. Because it contains vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium and irons along with omega-3 fatty acid, which benefits or soothe the inflammations that occur in the joint and give a long-lasting healing feeling at that place. If you are a bit uncomfortable with the bad or fishy smell of such supplements then, freeze your cod liver oil capsules or merge them well- in your food, prior to taking them.

18. Fish Oil for Face:

For women, beauty care is more important than anything else and thus, fish oil is a delighting object to them, as it not only solve various serious health issues but aid to achieve a glowing and wrinkle-free skin tone naturally! Fine lines are one nightmare to anyone, especially to the ladies, and it gives us huge trouble to go, once appear in our face. Thus, it is always a better option to start the anti-aging management earlier or before it appurtenance!

Anti-aging treatment not only includes the stages of applying some expensive creams or effective home remedies; it also incorporates the step of applying some treatments which could work from the inside of your body. Consumption of fish oil rich items or fish oil supplements is one of the brightest attempts in such endeavor. The richness of fatty acid in fish oil prevents the redness or inflammation of our skin and extirpates the possibilities of wrinkles before it’s occurring!

It is also seen that psoriasis could also be controlled by the regular intake of fish oil supplement or omega-3 fatty acid consumption. When we eat fish oil, it rehydrates our skin cells, reduces the probability of acne, and solves any other related skin problems, which may cause wrinkles later.

How to

To get the goodness of fish oil capsules more dynamically, for the reduction of wrinkles, try to apply the inside liquid texture directly on your face.

  • Firstly, cut off a capsule from the middle and take out the inside material on a small plate or bowl.
  • Now, rub the liquid texture on your entire face or only on wrinkled-areas with a cotton ball and wait for 15-20 minutes.
  • After that period, rinse off the oil with loads of plain water and try this process one a week for the most outstanding result on face wrinkles.

19. Fish Oil for Cholesterol:

We can’t claim it that fish oil aid to lower cholesterol from our blood, but there are some proves which say that fish oil supplement may lend a hand to control or solve some cholesterol issues along with other companion medications.

Studies articulate that oily fish like tuna, salmon, sardine, mackerel, herring, etc. or fish oil supplement could help to lower the fat in your blood. Remember that the goodness of fish oil is only effective on triglyceride type of fat, but it can’t control the LDL fat which is the major cause of blood cholesterol! However, the EPA and DHA acids in fish oil could increase the good cholesterol in your blood and thus, indirectly aid to control the cholesterol level and benefit our health technically.

Mentionable here that when you are choosing a capsule or pill as fish oil supplement, check for its inside components, as in, whether the pill has an adequate amount of EPA and DHA fatty acids or not! Fish oil supplements with lower EPA and DHA fatty acids are filled with unwanted fish blubber, which could harm your health or increase the bad cholesterol in your, instead of lowering it! 600-700 grams of EPA and DHA components are enough in every 1000 grams of fish oil supplement.

20. Fish Oil for Weight Loss:

Do you know that a single fish oil capsule on each day could actually help you to lose some extra pounds from your body? Yes, it doses! We have already known several benefits of taking fish oil supplement but, this definitely the best one among them; isn’t it? Nowadays, people do so many things to get in shape like exercise, yoga, dieting, cardio workouts, etc. but, the result is not satisfied every time. Fish oil is that solo item, which could help you remarkably in this endeavor.

Research has proven that one or two capsules a day could help proficiently to lose your excess fat and build muscles. According to the studies, 2-3 grams of omega-3 fatty acid a day could reduce a certain amount of fat within a week, and the best part is that you don’t need to do any extra exercise or harsh diet for it! Are you wondering how does it work? Well, fish oil supplements diminish our appetite and able to keep you full longer after taking meals. When you eat one fish oil supplement, it releases a chemical in your body that is called serotonin. This chemical aids to standardize your appetite and mood which indirectly control the frequent eating habit. It also increases the insulin sensitivity in our blood and reduces stored-fat from our body cells.

Just make sure that your fish oil supplement only has beneficial components in itself and don’t have any harmful chemicals like metals or pesticides, before taking it with daily diet.

21. Fish Oil for Vitamin D:

Fish oil supplement mainly prescribes to get the benefits from omega-3 fatty acid, but we should know that it is a rich source of vitamin D as well! Basically, fish oil contains various essential nutrients and vitamin D is the valuable one among them. Several health experts prescribe to take fish oil supplement in the requirement of vitamin D in our body, as it is always well-absorbed by the body and other existed compounds of fish oil never interfere with it ever!

Fish oil like cod liver oil is one of those supplements which are rich in vitamin D. Studies have claimed that every 1 tbsp of cod liver oil contains 1,300 international units of vitamin D. Consequently, taking a couple of fish oil pills with your daily diet would not be a bad idea at all to get the benefits of vitamin D from it!

Vitamin D is necessary to treat our several health issues like bone health, hormone regulation, blood pressure normalize, immune power, etc. accordingly, deficiency of this single vitamin could affect us hugely! You can take some other helpful ingredients too with fish oil to increase the intake of vitamin D in your daily food, but, remember that nutrient supplement is eternally more effective than its natural sources. However, be care full from overdosing fish oil only for the sake of vitamin D, as it has been seen that toxicity of vitamin D never harms our body but fish oil toxicity does!

22. Fish Oil for Kids:

Fish oil is an essential component for kids as well as adults, as it aids tremendously to get a bright eyesight along with a properly develops the brain. The omega-3 fatty acid, the inside essential acid elements and the other available nutrients of the fish oil benefit entire health of a kid. Modern age child specialists claim that at least 3-6 ounces of fish oil are necessary per week for every 2-8 year oil kid.

But, these days, one common problem the utmost parents face is that children are not eating properly, especially the fatty fish with their daily food, and only a fish oil supplement could help them here magically! Although, some child specialists think that supplements couldn’t provide the same quality of nutrient which a natural source could. However, we should narrate that one fish oil capsule is recommendable here, as because, fish oil supplement could offer us the goodness of omega-3 fatty acid in a mercury-free form, which no fatty fish could do!

Just remember to filter the oil of your readymade supplement before giving to your kids, as it will help to eliminate toxins from the supplement and only provide benefits to your child’s health from every possible aspect.

23. Fish Oil for Dogs:

Fish oil plays a significant role in the improvement of dogs’ health by nourishing their skin, coat, joint, heart, kidney, fur, etc. Fish oil supplement is rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids which are found in the omega-3 fatty acid component. Though unlike humans, dogs are capable of creating this fatty acid in their body, yet that can make it in a restricted capacity which is not enough as per their requirement.

Nevertheless, you can cater this fatty acid to your dogs’ intestine through from fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, black cod, herring, anchovies, herring, etc. yet it is difficult to make your dog eat the adequate amount of such fish in every single week, right! Hence, giving your dog a fish oil supplement is far easier to provide the needed nutrient through daily diet.

The EPA acid of fish oil works as an anti-inflammatory supplement for dogs, while the DHA works as a helping component for the development of brain and eyes of puppies. The rest nutrients mostly work for the betterment of heart, kidney and joint issues of your four-leg pet.

24. Fish Oil for Cats:

Fish oil is as much beneficial for cats as dogs and it benefits the health of cats in almost similar ways. The eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid of fish oil are essential for cats’ health which is found in the omega-3 fatty acid. But, these acids are inadequately synthesized in their body and they need some additional supplement of omega-3 fatty acid to nourish their body properly. In such matter, intake of fish oil supplement is the appropriately right thing to benefit them.

Though cats will be delighted to eat fish anytime you offer them, yet providing supplements of this beneficial object would not be a bad idea at all! When you give them fatty fish like tuna, salmon or other coldwater creature which are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, it will start working after accomplishing the digestive process properly; while fish oil supplement starts working instantly.

The most applauding part of giving fish oil to your cat is that it not only helps to ease the inflammations in kidney, heart, joint or skin but relieves the soreness of allergies or rashes as well! This healthy supplement also endorses shiny coat, lessen shedding, and strengthen the immune power of your cat. Fish oil even lends a hand to nourish the health of your little kitten as well as adult cats.

25. Cod Liver Oil Vs Fish Oil:

Even though cod liver oil and fish oil both come from fish contain a similar type of fatty acid, yet they have a few small differences, which make them beneficial for different types of health issues. People often confuse between cod liver oil and other fish oil supplements and thought that they come up with same goodness. For this reason, we are pointing out those tiny differences between these two healthy supplements, let’s check them out-

  • Fish oil is made from the flesh of fatty or oily fishes like tuna, herring, cod, and etc. while cod liver oil comes from the liver of cod fish.
  • Fish oil mostly rich in omega-3 fatty acid and doest have too much of other nutrients like vitamin A or Vitamin D; when cod liver oil contains vitamin A & D in rich amount and omega-3 property in a lower
  • Because of the adequacy of vitamin A and D, the cod liver is prescribed in restricted amount during the delicate period of pregnancy or post-pregnancy. While taking fish oil supplement is absolutely safe in such matters and a would-be mother couldn’t get any harm or drawback quality from it.
  • Fish oil supplement sometimes comes with the high amount of harmful components like mercury or pesticide, when cod liver oil is less harmful in such matters.

26. Flaxseeds Oil Vs Fish Oil:

Flaxseeds oil and fish oil both are rich in omega-3 fatty acid and work equally for the betterment of your health. However, there are still some dissimilarities exist in between them which make flaxseed and fish oil skilled in different meadows. Let’s find out those differences before finalizing your omega-3 supplement for a better health condition-

  • Though both types of oils are skilled in handling cardiovascular disease, yet flaxseeds oil shows its flexibility for lowering blood pressure, while fish oil doesn’t have too much of proficiency in this attempt!
  • In fish oil, omega-3 fatty acid is directly enriched with EPA and DHA properties which are effective to solve several health issues. On the other hand, the omega-3 fatty acid in flaxseeds oil is rich in ALA properties, which need to convert into EPA and DHA acids after consuming.
  • You need to take a lot of flaxseeds oil to fulfill the requirement of omega-3 fatty acid, while a small amount of fish oil supplement is enough for the daily dose of required-fatty acid of humans’ body!
  • For this reason, one fish oil capsule is equal to at least 15-20 flaxseeds oil pills, depending on its equivalent nutrients!
  • Flaxseeds oil supplement could provide you another beneficial compound with a fatty acid like fiber and minerals, while fish oil only could vary omega-3 fatty acid along with a small amount of some vitamin components.
  • Flaxseeds oil supplement may hard to digest but they never cause any stomach disorder, but fish oil supplements often lead bad effect in our stomach like cramps, bloating, etc.

27. Benefits of Fish Oil Pills:

The advantages of taking fish oil pills are innumerable and several studies verify this theory from different renowned institutes from worldwide. The best thing about fish oil is that it can beautify and benefit yours from both inside and outside of your body! Let’s check out some top most benefits of this item after including it in your daily diet-

  • The omega-3 fatty acid richness of fish oil pills help to reduce the blood pressure normally.
  • These pills also lend a hand to diminish the triglyceride fat from our blood and increase the good cholesterol instead of that.
  • Fish oil supplement slows down the development of plaque in the arteries.
  • As the EPA and DHA acids of fish oil supplement are highly effective on cardiovascular diseases thus, it reduces the chances of irregular heart rhyme.
  • These pills also aid to diminish the chances of heart attack and stroke.
  • They also lessen the possibilities of sudden cardiac death.
  • Such pills help to reduce the inflammation of inside joint and soothe them naturally.